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Human Resource Management Tools Maximize Workflows

hrmsNo matter how large or small your company is, trying to maintain mountains of paperwork and reports can be rather complicated. With the proper human resource management tools in place however, the task can be streamlined in a way that helps maintain office balance.

With this in mind, GBC Services of Atlanta has created a Human Resource Management Self-Service and Employee Service interface that minimizes paperwork and associated HR hassles. With GBC‘s specially crafted HRMS in place, you can track employee time and leave and help workers stay abreast of important company information and departmental changes.

  • Providing Essential Human Resource Management Solutions
  • Self-Service Databases for Convenience and Employee Monitoring
  • Anytime Anyplace Report and Documentation Access

We Offer A One Stop Shop For All Your HR Record and Data Keeping Needs

Office workflow and pipelines can shift and change at any given moment. When this occurs, offices are often left in a tailspin as employees and managers adapt to the new developments. Our HRMS can help make such alterations simple, allowing them it integrate seamlessly into existing corporate structures.

The Human Resource Manager Self-Service of our HRMS system is a customized workflow solution, allowing for the following functions online:

  • Anytime and anyplace HR report access.
  • MS Outlook and Company Email systems with full integration capabilities between the two email interfaces.
  • To-do list compilation and/or HR tasking approvals.
  • Maintenance of approval routes for various transactions.
  • Employee skills and education records evaluations.
  • Process employee change of job status, disciplinary action or compensation actions with workflow approval.

HRMS Employee Self-Service Pipelines Implements HR Processess

Save time and money. Employees are able to remain in the know regarding company news, policies, benefits, and time-off balances as well. They can also employ the use of:

  • Various Benefits and deductions worksheets.
  • Process open enrollments.
  • Register for available training classes.
  • Review time off requests both taken and pending.
  • Apply for in-house job openings.
  • Review and comment on performance appraisals.
  • Update personal profiles such as marriage, children and W4 changes.
  • View the human resource handbook and company phone directory.
  • View paychecks and relevant online stubs.
  • Note any upcoming work schedule changes and see others with approved or scheduled time off.
  • Can report exception time from virtually anywhere, at anytime using only a Web browser.
  • Can use traditional electronic time card or a punch-in-and-out

GBC’s HRMS provides the following managerial options:

  • The ability to assign standard work schedules to employees.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of attendance and absenteeism in relation to scheduled work hours.
  • Interfaces to approve or reject requested time off.
  • Databases to approve or reject pay sheets for each pay period and adjust when authorized.
  • Payroll Managers can access time sheets faster and easier.
  • Payroll departments can input data into GBC Payroll Systems with the click of a mouse.
  • HRMS interfaces eliminate the need for unnecessary spreadsheets and hard copy paperwork.

Our HRMS Is A One Stop Shop For All Your Payroll and HR Record And Data Keeping Needs

Crucial Drag-and-Drop Reporting allows

  • HR professionals and payroll processes to become part of a company’s strategic planning.
  • Fast access to accurate, timely, and meaningful performance management information.
  • For an an easy-to-use end-user reporting tool.
  • Eliminates the need for IT support.

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