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QuickBooks Financial Record Keeping Support

We offer QuickBooks support and consulting at various levels for clients who want to use QuickBooks.

We start by assisting clients in determining the QuickBooks edition that serves their financial record-keeping and operations best.

Purchasing QuickBooks through GBC Services in Atlanta, clients can realize discounts of up to 50%. There are several QuickBooks Financial software packages available:

  • QuickBooks Simple Start – is the most basic version of QuickBooks, retailing on the QuickBooks website at $99.95.
  • QuickBooks Pro – is the most popular QuickBooks product that provides the most common functions needed by the vast majority of small businesses that do not require more than 5 simultaneous users, retailing on the QuickBooks website at $199.95 (single license) and up to $549.95 for a three license pack.
  • QuickBooks Premier – has all the QuickBooks Pro features plus industry-specific tools designed to monitor business performance, retailing on the QuickBooks website at up to $449.95 (single license) and up to $1,199.95 for a three license pack.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions – retailing from $3,000, it provides the most capacity for businesses. In addition to focusing on specific needs by industry, this version includes the most advanced reporting and inventory management functions of all the QuickBooks products.
  • QuickBooks Online – is a web-hosted QuickBooks application that is similar to QuickBooks Pro. What this version lacks in customization is more than compensated in convenience. This version retails starting at $24.95/month, depending on what businesses need.

Contact us today to access one of GBC Services’ Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor Consultants.

Purchase QuickBooks Through GBC Services, LLC

Remember, when purchasing your QuickBooks product through us will qualify you and your business for significant discounts. Talk to us about your support needs. We can assist clients in various ways:

  • Installation on workstations
  • Integration with other software
  • Importing data from another database
  • Setting up accounts, procedures, and workflow
  • Reviewing transactions for ensuring sound accounting practices
  • Producing professional financial statements

A Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor will assist you in selecting, implementing, and supporting your QuickBooks solution.

GBC Tax Services of Atlanta works hard to ensure companies have access to the most recent documentation. Take all the guess work out of filing.

Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and Designated QuickBooks Supplier