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GBC Consulting Services Will Give You The Tools To Running Your Business

tax-strategy-and-consultationFinancial management is extremely critical to running any small to midsized company.

Not only do you have to ensure employees are paid in a timely fashion, you must file all relevant tax forms when needed or face heavy fines and penalties.  It pays to choose the proper tax planning consulting firm for your business. With the right economic analysts at the helm, you can receive proper guidance for your companies numerous financial concerns.

The GBC Income Tax team works hard every day to ensure client satisfaction and to meet daily accounting needs. From a small business of 5 employees to mid-size business of more than 400 employees you can choose one or more of the following financial and accounting services that best suit your needs, namely:

Our Expert and Professional Business Consultation Services Include

  • QuickBooks and Spread Sheet Accounting — Many of the experts at GBC Tax Services of Atlanta are QuickBooks certified. We can work with your in-house accountants, educating them on the numerous applications of the program, thereby enable them to explore the software in depth. Accounting information can then be stored and easily accessed whenever one needs to obtain bookkeeping records.
  • Federal and State Income Tax filing — No one likes dealing with complicated and confusing tax forms, yet it is imperative that these documents are filed properly. Companies often risk heavy fines or even jail time with improper reporting. GBC Tax Services utilizes expert tax accountants who understand how important it is to provide accurate information on IRS documents. We also help companies who may be undergoing federal tax audits via power of attorney.
  • Human Resource ManagementPayroll and time sheet creation is an integral part of running a small to midsized company. GBC Tax Services of Atlanta provides invaluable human resource tools that assist with a great variety of employee related processing. GBC helps implement online platforms that grant employees access to pertinent company information. These systems also assist managers with hiring procedures and the management of sick time and leave.
  • General Business Consulting — Some companies have very specific business needs that can’t be addressed with one size fits all programs. This is why GBC Services of Atlanta offers a bevy of options that meet the needs of a variety of businesses. GBC also provides expert consulting in the realms of human resources, S Corporation election and TAX ID certifications.

The GBC team works hard every day to ensure client satisfaction and to meet daily accounting needs.

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