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Federal and State Commonly Used Tax and Accounting Forms

The dedicated accounting professionals at GBC Tax Services of Atlanta want you to have access to every tool necessary when it comes to managing your business. This is why we have created several helpful forms to assist with reporting or processing files. You’ll also find a number of links to sites that may answer common questions regarding various accounting concerns.

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Tax Requirements By State

Alabama Department of Revenue
Alaska Department of Revenue
Arizona State Tax Forms
Arkansas State Business & Personal Taxes
California Tax Information Center
Colorado State Department of Revenue
Connecticut State Department of Revenue
Delaware Department of Finance
District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue
Florida Department of Revenue
Georgia Department of Revenue
Hawaii Department of Taxation
Idaho State Tax Commission
Illinois Department of Revenue
Indiana Department of Revenue
Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance
Kansas Department of Revenue
Kentucky Department of Revenue
Louisiana Department of Revenue
Maine Revenue Services
Maryland Taxes
Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Michigan Department of Treasury
Minnesota Department of Revenue
Mississippi Department of Revenue
Missouri State Department of Revenue
Montana State Department of Revenue
Nebraska State Department of Revenue
Nevada Department of Taxation
New Hampshire State Department of Revenue
New Jersey State Division of Taxation
New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department
New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
North Carolina Department of Revenue
North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner
Ohio Department of Taxation
Oklahoma Tax Commission
Oregon Department of Revenue
Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
Rhode Island Department of Taxation
South Carolina Department of Revenue
South Dakota Department of Revenue
Tennessee Department of Revenue
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Utah State Tax Commission
Vermont Department of Taxes
Virginia Department of Taxation
Washington State Department of Revenue
West Virginia Department of Tax and Revenue
Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Wyoming Department of Revenue

State Specific Forms

In addition to the W-4 form, some states require a state specific withholding form. Review the list below for your state specific forms, publications and instructions.

IRS forms & publications
State tax forms (through Federation of Tax Administrators)
State tax requirements, forms and instructions

Federal Forms

Federal Withholding ( Form W-4 )
INS Employment Eligibility Verification ( Form I-9 )


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