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GBC Income Tax Services for Small to Midsized Businesses

Finding the right certified public accountant for your company’s crucial tax preparation and accounting needs is essential to maintaining a tax compliant status. Rely on the superior accounting experts at GBC Tax Services to get the job done, on time, every time.

When it comes to tax preparation and filing, small to midsized businesses cannot afford to make a mistake. The Internal Revenue Service has regulations and guidelines that cannot be ignored as doing so could put your company’s economic standing in jeopardy.

Tax noncompliance is a serious issue that can even lead to heavy fines and jail time. Sadly, ignorance of the law is not an excuse, nor does the IRS look kindly on mistakes or failure to file claims. Companies who desire to stay tax complaint should therefore enlist the aid of a reliable tax consultant like the ones at GBC Tax Services of Atlanta.

GBC Tax Services of Atlanta‘s reliable accounting practices allows your onsite accounting staff to focus on other critical aspects of running your business. This in turn will increase employee productivity, assisting in the goal of greater profit turnover. GBC Tax Services can also be integrated into your current accounting procedures, with cost-effective payroll packages that further decrease company workloads.

We Offer Top Notch Accounting Services for Atlanta and Beyond

Top Notch Accounting ServicesIn need of state of the art financial remodeling? Look no further than GBC Tax Services of Atlanta!

With a team of qualified accountants to assist, GBC Tax Services enables metro area companies to remain tax complaint while maintaining current financial records. Just as efficient as GBC Services Payroll, GBC Tax Services and Accounting provides clients with tax preparation options while also manufacturing monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements via software like QuickBooks.

Electronic tax filing and submission can also be addressed via our qualified CPA’s who understand the reporting process. Your assigned tax accountant can advise you on applicable online or manual methodology for data processing and document keeping as per requests.

Read more about our professional tax accountants.

More about GBC Tax Services of Atlanta’s Accounting Services

With a combined 40 years in the field of tax accounting, preparation and bookkeeping makes GBC is a sure bet in the realm of financial record keeping. Learn more about GBC Tax Services of Atlanta’s Accounting Options and see how we can assist your small to midsized business.

GBC Tax Consulting Services Offers You Expert Tax Guidance for Your Business

tax-accountants-professionalsIf you are on the market for personalized financial consulting, GBC Tax Services of Atlanta can assist you.

At GBC, we provide local area businesses with one-on-one attention and state-of-the-art management solutions that can be tailored to any small to mid-sized company.

Our comprehensive consultations provide companies numerous options in the realm of account maintenance and reporting.

These services often include:

  • Income Tax Preparation and Filing – Whether it is manual or online tax filing, GBC Taxes of Atlanta‘s consultants can advise you on the best ways to get your documents to the proper governmental agencies. GBC‘s certified accountants can also locate money saving deductions or shelters. Business owners facing state or federal tax agency notices or audits may also receive assistance on how to reduce chances of fines.
  • Human Resource Management and ConsultingGBC Tax Services of Atlanta’s consulting will assist you in proper payroll and time sheet creation. GBC can also advise companies regarding proper hiring practices and other related human resource concerns.
  • QuickBooks Consulting – The road to consistent tax compliance begins with bookkeeping. GBC Tax Service’s Certified Public Accountants offer clients QuickBooks consultations, effectively educating them on the numerous applications of the program.
    READ MORE about our being QuickBooks Pro Certified Advisor
    READ MORE about our QuickBooks Pro Training Program
  • Overall General Business Consulting – new or old, businesses can benefit from qualified financial and tax related guidance. GBC Tax Services can be there to assist in S Corporation election and TX ID certifications. GBC’s trained accountants can also answer any pertinent questions, resolving issues when it comes to common accounting concerns.

GBC Services Consultation Services

profitlossAny company in need of effective bookkeeping and tax filing assistance can utilize the services of a qualified financial consulting firm. At GBC Tax Services of Atlanta, we offer affordable business packages that enable businesses to move seamlessly along the fast track of success.

Read more about how our bookkeeping and income tax consultation services can benefit your company’s bottom line.

Meet Our CPA’s : Providing The Best Tax solutions for Atlanta area businesses

Meet our CPA's

In the world of business finance, experience counts. GBC Tax Services of Atlanta‘s expert team of certified accountants offer 40 years of combined experience. This is why we are able to consistently give our clients the support they need to keep their business up and running.

The GBC Tax Services of Atlanta team consists of accounting, human resource, payroll and tax preparation experts, all here to give you the hands on advice you deserve.

Atlanta based GBC Services is second to none when it comes to providing the best in payroll, accounting and Human Resource Management Services. The GBC team works hard every day to ensure client satisfaction and to meet daily accounting needs.

Want to learn more about our stellar team and their qualifications please follow this link.

GBC Human Resource Management System Services

human-resource-toolsGBC Payroll Services of Atlanta provides the very best in comprehensive, human resource self-management tools.

GBC Services of Atlanta provides administrative options for small to mid-sized businesses with payroll concerns, supplying human resource management tools that address overall accounting needs.

GBC offers an easy to use online interface for both payroll and human resource departments. The system provides across the board platform access, allowing your team to integrate the web-based client for interdepartmental use. For example, various divisions can take advantage of HR attendance records and time database tools for payroll record keeping purposes. Bookkeeping software is also supplied via GBC Services web interface for accounting personnel and managers. Company news and time off balances can also be imputed and perused by company workers.

A variety of self-service options exist within GBC Services web portal, affording both employees and managers the ability to apply for in-house job openings or register for training classes. Individuals will also be able to update work profiles and keep up with their time sheets. Utilization of GBC Services’ Human Resources Management System greatly reduces office paperwork and clutter while assisting in worker productivity and self-management.

Contemporary businesses rely on computerized networks to inform, train and educate a modern, tech-savvy workforce.

Learn more about streamlining your office pipeline today by utilizing our HRMS Services!

GBC Income Tax and Payroll Blog : Keeping You Informed

GBC is dedicated to keeping our clients informed on all their business options. We also want to ensure that local area businesses meet all their accounting and tax preparation goals. Please take some time to visit our company blog and see how we at GBC Services, LLC of Atlanta can help you create a sound corporate financial identity that will last for years to come.


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About Direct Deposit

If your company has chosen direct deposit as part of your GBC Payroll Services option, a GBC Services Direct Deposit Authorization Form must be completed and signed by every employee.

To ensure banking regulatory compliance, ensure that the form is reviewed for accuracy and completeness and that the signed form is faxed to your GBC Payroll Services account manager.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

401(k) Retirement Services

GBC provides an honest 401(k) solution for your small business clients. Sounds impossible? It’s not! 

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The GBC Payroll Services team is led by Quickbooks ProAdvisor and Chartered Global Management Accountant Ghassan R. Ghraizi, an experienced CPA who takes a nuanced, multipronged approach to financial planning and assessment.

We work hard to make sure our expert team has the knowledge and insight to keep your fiscal records current and organized.
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