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About GBC Services LLC

Full-Service Tax and Accounting Support for Small Businesses Long-term Essential ServicesEstablished with the goal of primarily providing complete payroll services while offering accounting-related services, GBC Services LLC started with just three members in 2006. Now managed by one member, Ghassan R. Ghraizi, the company   has gone on to receive an A plus BBB rating after becoming a full CPA firm in 2010.

Ghraizi specializes in international tax compliance for businesses and individuals. This is one of the more important aspects of tax law, as there can be minimum penalties of $10K upwards for failure to comply with US tax laws on foreign transactions.

If you want ensure your business stays up to snuff with the latest in tax compliance, while maintaining HR, payroll another important business elements, GBC Services is the company to call.

Outsource Your Small Business Accounting and Tax Reporting

  • Reliability. With a prepaid long term essentials package, you will never have to worry about sudden cost increases or addendums to your business plan. Clients can also rest assured that their important business document are in expert hands. You can also feel confident in any advice and analysis you receive from members of the GBC Services team will be 100 percent dependable. We are also highly invested on protecting client assets, information, and trade secrets.
  • Cost Effective. Your budget constraints are taken into consideration when we consolidated the our services to make the most of your financial resources. Through timely delivery of proven tax minimization strategies, bookkeeping, or accurate payrolls, we provide a significant ROI that makes every dollar count.
  • We Care. Our CPA firm is as much a part of our neighborhood we are a part of our business community. With an eye towards this concept, GBC Services LLC provided PPP assistance for all clients at no extra charge. At GBC Services LLC, we take our role as corporate leaders seriously and always want to give back.
  • Expert Analysis. In the accounting field, the ability to analyze business trends, offer HR planning that works, execute tax and accounting strategies is essential to building a solid reputation. GBC Services LLC ensures our capable experts will operate with complete transparency, accuracy. We do not outsource our work or our communication with clients. Our commitment to high level of service assures the client of access to our staff without fear of being billed.

Ask Us About

  • Business Planning
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Tax Efficiency Analysis
  • Best Business Practices
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Employee Management
  • Fringe Benefit Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Retirement Planning

And even BROADER CATEGORIES such as:

  • Corporation/LLC income budgeting
  • Contractor/Employee recommendations
  • IRS Resolutions
  • Rental property operations
  • Cash flow planning
  • Tax notice and audit resolution
With integrity, business not only thrive but also flourish.