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IRS Representation Services and Expert Consultation

irs-representation-during-auditEven with proper procedures in place, it is impossible to plan for the numerous complications that can arise when running a company. Unfortunately, income tax reporting and tax compliance is one of the areas you cannot afford to make mistakes in.

In situations where faulty reporting or non compliance has occurred, a business can face serious fall out that could result in jail time or loss of the business.

We at GBC Services know how important it is to ensure tax forms are submitted on time every time. Our qualified staff of CPA’s and tax accountants understand how to process reports and get them to the proper agencies.

If whoever, you find yourself facing potential penalties for improper filing or failure to comply, we can help there as well.

Avoid suffering the consequences of failing to get expert IRS representation. Don’t let this happen to you.

  • Wage garnishment
  • Seizure of accounts receivable
  • Seizure of cash loan value of life insurance
  • Seizure of 401(k)’s, IRA’s…
  • Seizure of commissions owed
  • Seizure of Social Security benefits
  • Seizure of real estate

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Sound IRS Representation

A lot is at stake when the IRS investigates a company for non-tax compliance. Revenue can be lost when shareholders or the public at large learn about a company’s financial problems. Employees may lose confidence in the company brand and huge turnover can result. Individuals who are involved with reporting and record keeping may also face fines and/or incarceration if the charges are serious enough. In some cases, business owners can find themselves hot water, even if the failure to comply was not their fault.

When faced with an IRS audit and potential issues, the right IRS Representation is critical.

Get Help from Qualified IRS Representatives

how-can-i-avoid-a-tax-auditTax resolution is not a simple affair and one wrong move can cost you greatly. In several cases of note, companies were levied with hefty fines and some businesses were forced to close their doors.

The risks are too great to go with an unproven teams or unproven strategies.

GBC Tax Services provides a skilled team of professionals who work hard to keep your company afloat in your time of need. We will also keep our eye on the accounting ball to maintain your books and straighten out your finances.

Once the IRS storm has quelled, GBC will continue to offer consultations and advice.  Read more about our consultation services.
Let GBC‘s expert team of financial analysts help you protect your profit and investments. Read about our audit services.

These preventive measures enable you to keep your company in good standing with the IRS and other involved bodies.

Don‘t Risk Your Company’s Future

Contact GBC Services of Atlanta today a for a free consultation today. There is no obligation and getting proper advice may be just the thing you need to regain control of the situation.

Take the proactive steps you’ll need in order to protect your business assets and investments by:

  • Locating a top notch tax representation
  • Placing trust in individual’s who credentials are verifiable
  • Giving your chosen team the information they’ll need to properly assist you

You’ve worked hard to build your business, you deserve the best tax representation available to protect your investments. Call now to learn what GBC IRS Representation Services can do for you.

The dedicated accounting professionals at GBC Services, LLC wants you to have access to every advantage necessary when it comes to managing your business.

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